Green hydrogen contributes to a sustainable Amsterdam Metropolitan Area



HyCC is a leading industrial partner for safe and reliable green hydrogen supplies and circular chemistry solutions to enable the transition to zero-carbon industry.

Building on over 100 years of experience in electrolysis and our leadership in safety, we realize pioneering water electrolysis projects to supply industries with zero-carbon hydrogen from renewable power and water. 

From making sustainable steel to circular jet fuels – we believe that green hydrogen is the key to providing a growing population with essential products, with zero emissions to realize more sustainable economic development. 

Tata Steel the Netherlands

Tata Steel The Netherlands is one of the largest steel producers in Europe. The company supplies high quality steel products worldwide to its customers in construction, automotive, packaging and producers of heavy-duty equipment.

In cooperation with its customers Tata steel develops new competitive steel products. It has branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and other European countries. Tata Steel the Netherlands is part of The Indian Tata Steel Group, one of the largest steel producers of the world.

Tata Steel the Netherlands aims to have a fully carbon neutral production process. This can be achieved by replacing coal with hydrogen.

Port of Amsterdam

Port of Amsterdam is looking to become a leading European seaport and a front runner in the transition to a sustainable society. In addition, the port is a logistical hub for local, national, and international trade. Areas of growth include bio- and synthetic fuels, hydrogen activities, circularity, and the manufacturing industry.

In 2025 revenue from non-fossil products must be increased to 65% of the total revenue. In 2030 coal will no longer transported trough the port and in 2050 it will be climate neutral. This transition will mean that transshipment will no longer be the core business of the Port of Amsterdam. In 2020 transshipment amounted to 75 million ton and 91 million ton for all North Sea Area ports. The fourth port of Western Europe plays a crucial role for the area as 68.000 people are employed by the port or by related businesses. Port of Amsterdam works together with customers and partners. By innovating they work on quicker and more transparent shipping with less CO2 emissions.