Green hydrogen contributes to a sustainable Amsterdam Metropolitan Area


Green hydrogen for a sustainable future

Project H2ermes is a planned 100 megawatt green hydrogen factory in the Amsterdam Metropilitan Area in The Netherlands’, which will contribute to the decarbonization of industry and mobility in the region and the development of the countries’ hydrogen economy.

Water & wind 

Green hydrogen is made by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, using renewable electricity. This technique is called electrolysis. No CO2 is produced or emitted in the process. With a capacity of 100 megawatt, H2ermes is an important step in the necessary scale-up and development of electrolysis technology.

Hermes will be built by HyCC, a company specialized in green hydrogen production which benefits from over 100 years of experience with electrolysis and chemistry

The factory will be located in the Dutch coastal region, close to offshore wind farms in the North Sea, ensuring a sufficient supply of renewable electricity. This enables H2ermes to produce up to 15.000 tons of green hydrogen and large amounts of oxygen each year.

Accelerating sustainable development

H2ermes contributes to the development of new hydrogen infrastructure in the region and the build up of a new, circular economy.

Port of Amsterdam is responsible for the distribution of hydrogen in the region with Gasunie, as part of the plans for the Hydrogen Hub Amsterdam/North Sea Canal area. The hydrogen can be used for the production of green steel, sustainable fuels and mobility and new forms of circular chemistry that emit less or no CO2.