Green hydrogen contributes to a sustainable Amsterdam Metropolitan Area


Green hydrogen for a sustainable future

Project H2ermes is a cooperation of HyCC, Tata Steel and the Port of Amsterdam to realize a 100 megawatt hydrogen factory in IJmuiden, The Netherlands’, to make the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area more sustainable and to further develop the countries’ hydrogen economy.

Water & wind 

Green hydrogen is made by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, using renewable electricity. This technique is called electrolysis. No CO2 is produced or emitted in the process. With a capacity of 100 megawatt, H2ermes is an important step in the necessary scale-up and development of electrolysis technology.

Hermes will be built by HyCC, a company specialized in green hydrogen production which benefits from over 100 years of experience with electrolysis and chemistry

The factory will be located on the site of Tata Steel in IJmuiden, next to a planned landing point for two offshore wind farms to ensure a sufficient supply of renewable electricity. The lion’s share of water is supplied by Tata Steel, which retrieves it from the nearby river Lek. This enables H2ermes to produce up to 15.000 tons of green hydrogen and large amounts of oxygen each year.

Accelerating sustainable development

The oxygen and a part of the hydrogen from H2ermes will be delivered to Tata Steel via a pipeline. With the hydrogen, Tata Steel will be able to produce sustainable steel and reduce its CO2 emissions.

In addition, the port of Amsterdam, together with GasUnie, takes care of the distribution of hydrogen in the region. This is part of the plans for the Hydrogen Hub Amsterdam. The hydrogen can be used for the production of renewable fuels and new for forms of low-carbon circular chemistry.

This makes H2ermes an important enabler of sustainable development, without the use of fossil fuels but with a strong industry and economy.


In 2022, the permitting phase of the project will be started so that the first hydrogen can be supplied to Tata Steel and the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area in 2025/2026.

Stakeholders and local residents in the areas of Wijk aan Zee, Beverwijk, Velsen and Heemskerk can get in touch with HyCC for questions and feedback related to the project. The questions and feedback will be used in the further development of H2ermes. For more information, please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page on this website.